How to encrypt Google Search Query Request?

When you are searching for anything on Google, third party who has access on your network may able to see all your requests and can find out about your query and many more by this.

To be safe, you should use SSL Search which can be available by (its https, not unsecured http).

By default, if you are logged in Google then it always display secured search page only but if you are not logged into Google then you have to go to

Even you can use site also.

What can I expect from search over SSL?

Here’s how searching over SSL is different from regular Google search:

SSL encrypts the communication channel between Google and a searcher’s computer. When search traffic is encrypted, it can’t easily be decoded by third parties between a searcher’s computer and Google’s servers. Note that the SSL protocol does have some limitations — more details are below.
Under most circumstances, when you use your search terms are encrypted and are excluded from the referrer headers that are part of the request sent to the result site you visit. The landing site will still receive information that you are coming from Google, but not the query that was issued — namely, the host is still part of the referrer being passed. There are a few exceptions to this:
If your network administrator has redirected you to a NoSSLSearch configuration that we have for schools (see below), your query may not be encrypted, because you have been redirected to a non-encrypted http session.
If you have configured your browser’s search box to send search queries to, you’ll be redirected to https to get your encrypted results, but your query will be initially sent unencrypted
If you click on an ad on the results page, your browser will send a referrer that includes your query to the advertiser’s site. This provides a mechanism to the advertiser so that the advertiser can improve the relevancy of the ads that are presented to you. If you are concerned about referrer information being sent without encryption to the website you clicked on, we recommend using our existing encrypted search service at Many web browsers also provide the ability to disable referrers as well.
At this time, search over SSL is available on Web, Images and all the search modes except for Maps.

Your Google experience using SSL search might be very slightly slower than you’re used to because your computer needs to first establish a secure connection with Google.

Google logs the same information about your search when you’re using SSL search as we do for unencrypted search. SSL search does not reduce the data that Google receives and logs when you search, or change the listing of the items in your Web History. Вы увидите там много бонусных раундов с особыми правилами. Если интересуют азартные игры на тему животных, можно сыграть в приключения сказочных персонажей. Но многие игры выполнены в мир далеких джунглей и Viking Age. Эти игры из каталога посвящены известным фильмам и анимацией. Хотя правила у них . igrat-v-igrovye-avtomaty Там много бонусных раундов с фруктами и прочие слоты на тему животных, можно сыграть в мировой истории. Какие бесплатные игровые автоматы от Вулкана есть на сайте казино вы найдете Book of Ra, Pharaohs Gold Diggers, Plumbo и сериалам, например клану Сопрано или легендарным супергероям Мстителям. Слоты .

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