[How to] Installing TP Link Router with GTPL Broadband

I have seen many of my friends are facing issue while configuring TP Link router with GTPL. GTPL (Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd) is best possible broadband in Gujarat. They come up with good and affordable plans of low speed to high speed like 4MBPS or 10 MBPS plans.

GTPL provides option that you can buy router from them and they will install for you but if you have decided to purchase new one yourself and if you already had one then you may face some issue while installing router even though its very easy to do.

First of all, GTPL must have given you small black box (modem) from which you can directly connect your system (laptop or desktop) to access internet. First check that, you can access internet that way. (In most cases, GTPL guys must have done this for you and have given you username and password to access internet.)

Now here is information of installing/configurting router. As I have TP link (TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless N Router (TL-WR841N)) router. I have given steps for that but this steps are applicable for all other routers.

Note : MAC Address is catch so please read at bottom of post to give proper MAC address.

Before going to steps. You can watch video if you don’t know how to wire router.

After watching video, you must be done with wiring router. Now, lets follow installation setup.

Step 1 : You will get all router config information at bottom of router.

TP Link router bottom

Step 2 : Choose WIFI network and connect from your laptop. WIFI name will be your SSID as mentioned in bottom of router. When you connect, it will show “Limited”.

In my case, wifi name will be TP-LINK_941E. Now, Go to url mentioned at bottom of your router (in my case, http://tplinkwifi.net or you can do by

TL-WR841N 2015-09-13 12-16-32

Step 3 : Give username and password as mentioned in router (mostly it will be admin/admin)

Step 4 : You will see page to install router. Click Next. Chose Auto Detect when ask for network type.

Step 5 : It will automatically choose PPPoE and will ask for username and password.

Step 6 : Give GTPL username and password. (GTPL guys must have given this to you. If no then call to agent who has installed broadband.)

Step 7 : Click finish after installation.

Further Steps :

If broadband still doesn’t work then you have to update mac address. There are two ways. Either you can update mac update yourself or you can call GTPL support team and tell them to do for you.

You can get MAC update from status tab. (see below screenshot).

tp link status page to get mac address

Even MAC address will be available at bottom of your router but that will be LAN Mac address. You have to give WAN or Internet Mac Address. Difference between these two address will be only one digit difference.

Remember : Please give WAN Mac address to support team or while setting up yourself.

If you already have username and password then you can setup yourself from http://www.gtpl.net/login/login.php and go to Mac Update and give WAN Mac address. Even I prefer to give both LAN and WAN address just in case if you don’t know which to give.

Now process all above steps again (or after reboot which you can do it from system tools->reboot)

Now GTPL should start working.

If you followed this steps with TL Link router or other router then please give comment with your feedback to help other users.

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