Know who have unfriend you in Facebook

Wants to know who has unfriend you? Here is new trusted application which will show you people who has unfriend you.

Currently, there is no other way to find person who have unfriends you except by visiting person profile. This is tedious way and you will not come to know person has unfriend you till you visit person’s profile page.

But now there is way to find it. New application called “Unfriend Finder” will do this job for you.

This application comes as addons for browser. The script works in browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Unfriends are people who were previously your friend but have either deactivated their account or have removed you from their friendlist.

Unfriend Finder will tell you which friends have removed you, who has deactivated their accounts, people you have requested friendship with and who has declined your friend request. Unfriend Finder uses Facebook notifications to alert you on these events.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 1 shows page which will be displayed after clicking on unfriends tab from top bar.

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 2 shows how alert will be displayed when someone unfriend you.

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 3 shows page which will display list of friends to whom you have sent friend request but they have not accepted yet.

This application addons has been downloaded for more than 43 000 000 times and it’s the most downloaded userscript for Facebook.

We have downloaded and tested ourselves and it works fine.

Download this addons with How to Steps from Official Website :

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