How to track Google Adsense check in india

If you are receiving your Google Adsense check (in British English, its cheque) in India by Bluedart courier then you must have noticed that Google Adsense payment section shows Bluedart tracking number after we receives check from Bluedart.

Now question arise in our mind on every end of month is “When will Google send cheque?”, “When will Google When will we receive cheque?”, “How to track Google Adsense cheque?”.

I am not explained in details of Google Adsense payment system as if you are reading this post, you must be member of Google Adsense and you must be receiving check.

Question 1 : When will Google send check?

It seems first Google sends all checks to Google’s Hyderabad headquarter and then they sends check to individuals. In most cases, Google creates check in last week of month (between 21st to 28th of month) & Google India sends checks to publisher on first or second Saturday of the week. If first Saturday comes early, say on 2nd, then they sends checks on next Saturday and if it comes late, say on 7th, then they will send on 1st Saturday.  (Sometime, they sends in on other day if holiday comes in between.)

How to track Google Adsense cheque in Bluedart?

In 80% cases, Google sends check on Saturday but sometime they sends on random day between 1st to 9th of the month and if you are eager to track your check then you can follow below steps.

1) Go to Google Adsense Payment Page.

2) Click on “view details in payment history” under “Last issued payment” or you can directly go to end of that page and check “Payment issued” for last month. Click on “Details” link will open the check details. (same as below screenshot) .

Home- Google AdSense 2013-07-07 12-14-25
Google Adsense Payment page (Source : Google Adsense)

3) Copy your payment number. Here its 072117167.

4) Go to

5) Enter your payment number in textbox, under “TrackDart” section at left side of the page (see screenshot below). If your payment number has 0 (zero) as prefix then remove first 0 and enter it.  In this case, if your payment number is 072117167 then you need to enter 72117167.

Blue Dart Express Limited - India's number one courier company 2013-07-07 12-17-23
Source :

6) Choose option “Ref no” instead of Waybill.

7) Click Go. You will see your courier details if Google has send it.

As I said earlier, Google sends check on first Saturday so you can follow above steps on Sunday and see if you can get courier details or not. If no then check on next day. (In most cases, your check should be sent between 4th to 9th or 10th of the month.)

(Approximate date when you can track check in bluedart for this month is 8 February 2014 and expected delivery for metro city is 11 February 2014.)

Let me know if this post helps you or not. Does this steps work for you? You can write your feedback & comments here.

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