Get youtube video’s image/thumbnail url

If you are embedding youtube video in your blog or news post and if you like to add thumbnail or medium sized photo of youtube video as featured image or slideshow then you can use below method to get thumbnail or images of youtube video.

1) For medium sized image of youtube video<Youtube video ID>/0.jpg

2) To get thumbnail of youtube video.<Youtube video ID>/1.jpg<Youtube video ID>/2.jpg<Youtube video ID>/3.jpg

3) To get maximum resolution image for video then try this.<Youtube video ID>/maxresdefault.jpg

4) High Definition Image<Youtube video ID>/hqdefault.jpg

In above urls, you just need to give youtube video ID. To get youtube video id, go to youtube video in youtube website and check for URL. You will see some random alphanumerical text for parameter “v”. Thats video id of that video.

For example…

You need thumbnail of this video .

For this video, T7sIiqq66rkr is video id for this video and you can get thumbnails as below (medium sized image) (Thumbnail) (Thumbnail) (Thumbnail) (High Definition) (Maximum resolution)

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