Ampersand(&) and Question Mark (?) in mailto’s subject/body

“mailto” is used for email link in website but when we pass “&” or “?” in subject or body parameter then it ignores data after tag.

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See below example.

<a href="”">Send email</a>

In above case, clicking on Send email link will open new mail window but it will show only “This is chetan, sabin ” in subject of mail as browser will consider & as parameter seperator.

To avoid this problem, you should use “%26” instead of “&”. You can use str_replace function for this in php.

Now, above example will be look like this which will work as you need.

<a href=” is chetan, sabin %26 sujeesh&body=body line comes here”>Send email</a>

For Question Mark “?”, you can use “%3F”.

For php, it would be good practice if you use urlencode function to encode subject and body text.

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