Recently Google announced two phones – Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL – and most people think the release of these Google flagships as the challenge to the already hegemonic mobile companies – Apple and Samsung. There is both optimism and pessimism regarding the battle between these mobile companies. Some people consider the unique characteristics of Google Pixel as the development of a new tradition, while others really question the importance of these unique features.

We, for the time being – as we can only speculate rather than give a fulfilling prophecy – focus on the aspects that we think will be the failure of the new Google Pixel mobile.

  1. Expensive

Google started creating mobiles after 2010 and it kept on introducing these new mobiles every year with the given name “Nexus”. The best thing about these Google Nexus mobiles was that these mobile were much cheaper than the top brands of Apple and Samsung. Keeping into consideration that android was developing its value, Google made a good move by providing customers with the low rate mobiles.

But, this is not the case with the Google Pixel because its manufacturing is considered only a rebranding exercise only with one distinction; the price of this new mobile is $650 which is equal to the price of Apple’s iPhone 7. Now the question is are people willing to choose Google Pixel over iPhone 7 keeping in mind the low hardware premium of Google mobile when compared to Apple. The answer is, certainly, no.

  1. Google Phones Don’t Sell

As already mentioned, Google phones have very low market value and Google kept on selling its mobiles under the Nexus name. The point is that Nexus mobiles were never as brilliant as other Apple and Samsung mobiles. Of course, Google can argue that those Nexus mobiles were never supposed to be a forthwith hits but were created keeping in mind the consumption of ordinary people, who in this modern world want a smartphone at very low prices.

But, the fact remains the same; has Google ever produced a top-selling smartphone and the answer is no. The Google with its new smartphone is entering into the unknown territories while Google likes to believe that these aren’t unknown lands but conquered battlefields.


  1. It looks like an iPhone

shape-like-iphonePixel is the boldest venture by Google as Google wants to make its destiny by competing with other companies like Apple or Samsung. The question is if Google really wants to defeat such established companies, then why it borrowed the design of its mobile from Apple. Yes, there are many reasons due to which you can say that Google borrowed the design of Apple.

Certainly, there are few differences like colored glass and the angled bezel on the rear, but do these things really make a difference? The main thing is that, won’t people think of buying Apple instead of Google Pixel when both look the same but Apple has hardware superiority over it and is already established.

  1. It’s Not Waterproof

Apple has become a real standard, wherever it goes all other companies follow. It is evident from the previous point that how Google Pixel copied the design of Apple. The latest achievement of Apple is the production of the phone that is waterproof. So this has finally become a standard and all the companies are trying hard to achieve this standard.

Unfortunately, Google Pixel hasn’t achieved this standard yet; it’s not waterproof. It only has an IP53 rating and which means that it can only withstand only a little rain when you are using the phone keeping it upright. If you expose the mobile to any further rain or if it gets dipped into the glass of wine accidently then you are on your own chances. This IP 53 standard is far below the Apple.

  1. Do people really care about mobile VR?

vr-headsetThe way we watch videos or play games is modifying the course of technology now. Some committed companies like Oculus, HTC and Sony are making great progress in virtual reality headsets. Google also introduced its mobile VR which paved way for some outstanding experiences, but the real question is that, is there any future of mobile-generated VR? Even if there is, it is more likely that people will purchase more established mobile brands like HTC or Sony. If you are looking for VR Glasses, you can explore such products and many more discounted things on Groupon.

All these things indicate that the Google Pixel phone is going to flop.

Chetan Patel

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